thanpolas // web development as it happens

Thanos Polychronakis Hi! My name is Thanos Polychronakis, I have been working with startups and Internet based companies for over 20 years. As a CTO in many of them I have created engineering procedures and workflows to speed up and ensure the quality of the product produced. I’ve grown teams through my network and by running robust hiring campaigns. I just love the startup game!

Through my course I have contributed to a lot of open source projects that are the pylars of our industry and have created quite a few myself. I organized the local Node.JS meetup back in my hometown and founded, a team that helped ignite the local tech meetup scene back in 2014. As a result of my community involvement I started and organized the DEVit Conference for three years, up until I had to move to London and pass on the leadership to the community.coding weapons

Today I am a happy camper in London, always looking to meet exciting people and new opportunities, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!